• SCMC Cruise In @ The Mustang Grill and Bar

    Covid 19 certainly has put a damper on cruise ins and car shows this year. So many good events cancelled, but you can rest easy now, because we are back in the game. Swamp City Mustang Club, will continue to meet every first Saturday of the month from 5pm to 8pm, at The Mustang Grill & Bar, in Archer, FL. Cruise in and dine with fellow mustang owners, and talk cars, meet and greet. Show off your ride, and try the best burgers and wings around. 

    Event Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/466701564248915/


  • Covid-19 May Shut Us Down For Now, But Can't Hold Us Down Forever!!

    As you are reading this, I'm sure it's safe to assume that clearly you've seen, heard, and ingested about all you want to hear about coronavirus, or COVID-19.  I am with you on that note, so I will keep this short and sweet.

    This epidemic/pandemic, has turned into a real pain in the rear for car enthuthiast everywhere. Car shows, shut down, races cancelled, fundraisers shut down. Intense social distancing. It's a nightmare coming true. It has definitely changed the way we move forward as well, and am curious to see how that all plays out in the near future. I wanted to let everyone in the club know, that as soon as we can get back to a somewhat normal reality once again, we will resume right where we left off, and try at least to have some sense of normalcy back in our lives haha. Of course, while practicing safe distancing.

    Amongst you all being safe and practing safe social distancing, I hope that you have had at least an opportunity to enjoy your mustang in some way shape or form. Even more so, I hope that you all are doing well. So with that, I bid you all well, and hope everyone the best.

    If you need to reach out for any reason, please feel free to email me at swampcitymustangclub@gmail.com 



  • Swamp City Mustang Club Monthly Cruise-In




    Monthly cruise in, every first Saturday of the month, from 4-7pm, at The Mustang Grill & Bar, located in Archer, FL. Cruise in to The Mustang Grill & Bar, in your awesome mustang or Ford, and join fellow enthusiasts and club members. The Mustang Grill & Bar features great food, atmosphere, and ice cold drinks of all kinds. Kid friendly atmosphere with game room on the side, as well as pool tables. Come out and join Swamp City Mustang Club every first Saturday of every month, from 4 to 7pm.

    Facebook event page here

    Swamp City Mustang Club private Facebook group here

    2020 Cruise-In Dates:

    January 4

    February 1

    March 7

    April 5

    May 2

    June 6


    August 1

    September 5 (Time TBA)

    October 3 (Time TBA)

    November 7 (Time TBA)

    Decemeber 5 (Time TBA)


  • October 2019 News, Event, and Cruise-Ins

    Even though it's still, oh so warm outside, it is October now, and it is technically the beginning of the 2019 Fall season. Which means, the season of car shows, cruise-ins, racing, and meets, is upon us. There are some events we are looking forward to as a club to be in attendance. If you are interested in participating in these events with Swamp City Mustang Club, then you are in the right place, and we have some exciting news for you!

    October 12 (5pm-8:30pm) - Gainesville Street Rods Monthly Cruise-In
    A monthly meet, open to all cars and clubs. From classics to exotics, this meet turns out some of the best. There are door raffle prizes, 50/50 raffle, and trophys for winners. Free to spectate and only $5 to register a car. Don't miss out on being a part of this event. 

    October 13th (9am-11am) - Gainesville Cars & Coffee
    Meeting at the Whole Foods on Archer Rd and 34th in Gainesville. This event sees some of the most exotic cars in the area as well as a healthy influx of imports. Muscle also makes an appearance, and is definitely open to all cars, makes, and models. Free coffee!

    October 26th (7am registration/11am-3pm show) - 27th Annual High Springs Rotary Car Show
    High Springs, FL car show. $20 registration/$25 day of. Best of show, top 20 awards, door prizes, and $100 award for Top club participation.

    October 26th (6pm-8pm) - Swamp City Mustang Club Meet at The Mustang Grill & Bar
    Cruise in to the one and only Mustang Grill & Bar, in Archer, FL. Get some awesome food, and talk cars with other SCMC members. Photo shoot. 


    We hope that you will join us at these events and represent Swamp City Mustang Club. To keep up with all the happening in the club be sure to register so you can join our private group.

  • Swamp City Mustang Club @ The Mustang Grill & Bar

    SCMC will be cruising in to The Mustang Grill & Bar, on Wednesday, September 25th, from 7pm to 8:30. The again on Saturday, October 26th, from 6pm to 8pm. Two great chances to cruise out in your mustang, and join other fellow mustang enthusiast. Talk cars, eat great food, and maybe have a toast. We hope to see you out!!

    Facebook Event Page:

    Wednesday, September 25th

    Saturday, October 26th

  • SCMC Lends A Helping Hand

    It is always nice to see positive group interaction when it comes to SCMC. Yes, we are a mustang club, we are car enthusiasts, sure, but more importantly, we are a family. We want to share this post from the SCMC facebook group page, since the group is not publically viewable. Click Here to Help!  You can also contact Marc Hogan at (352) 222-1161 or swampcitymustangclub@gmail.com


  • August 2019

    August is proving to be a hot one for sure. As it has been incredibly hot this summer, the car shows, meets, and cruise ins, have been on hiatus, as everyone trys to keep their cars cool out of the rain. But rest assured, as fall approaches, the car club world will ramp up full steam ahead. 

    In other news, SCMC, is working on a permenant monthly meet as well as location that is pretty well centered as to be easily accessable by all members. There will still be random Sonic cruise Ins, but we are looking at a more permenant and repeatable cruise in and location. Stay posted to the website or the Facebook group for any updates and access to all the group event pages and discussions.


    SCMC Facebook Group

  • July 2019

    July approaches, and heat is already soaring to high extremes, putting car show season on a hiebernation of sorts. Thus leaving only the earlier and later parts of the day any bit enjoyable. So we adjust then and come out to play in the evening. That being said, SCMC has a cruise in planned for the evening of Saturday, July 6th, at the Sonic in Gainesville, Florida off 39th avenue. This cruise in will start at 7 pm and end near 8:30 pm. More info and individual member communication can be found in the private member Facebook group.  

    Beyond that we are going to be a little dormant as these next hot months bake and broil the pavement. Fear not though my friends, as there will be random events from other local clubs posted to the Facebook group, so you'll be able to keep up with posted events, cruise ins, and meet ups in the north central Florida area.


  • The Mustang Grill & Bar Monthly Gathering

    Archer, FL is not normally the place you would think of when looking for a mustang friendly venue to cruise to, but just so happens that, there is such a place. The Mustang Grill & Bar, is that place. Owner, Shaun Willis, owner of many mustangs as well, provides a friendly environment with good food, and great drink specials. The atmosphere of the place is welcoming and roomy. Swamp City Mustang Club, will have a monthly cruise in to the Mustang Grill & Bar, so please keep up with our calender of events, so you never miss an event. See you all there!

  • June 2019

    Summer is here and while it's been super hot, there's still some things to get in to. While club meets will be focused on morning and evening through summer, there are some nice events also happening in the local and surrounding areas, that could be pretty fun to take part in.

    We start the month off with a cruise in to the Sonic on 39th Avenue, in Gainesville. This meet starts at 7pm, and will run until the group disbands. This will be the second such meet, the first was a success and a great opportunity for members to meet each other. This one will surely be another great meet. 

    Gaineville Street Rods, is hosting the monthly cruise in at the Spring Hill Publix (39th Ave & I-75), on Saturday, June 8th. This event normally turns out an array of mustangs and other Ford powered awesome rides. Definitely one to check out. Check the Facebook group for pre meet and cruise info.

    June 30th, Asphalt Misfits of Central Florida, are hosting Children's Miracle Network Car Show. Event is in Oviedo, FL, and represents a great cause.