Covid-19 May Shut Us Down For Now, But Can't Hold Us Down Forever!!

    As you are reading this, I'm sure it's safe to assume that clearly you've seen, heard, and ingested about all you want to hear about coronavirus, or COVID-19.  I am with you on that note, so I will keep this short and sweet.

    This epidemic/pandemic, has turned into a real pain in the rear for car enthuthiast everywhere. Car shows, shut down, races cancelled, fundraisers shut down. Intense social distancing. It's a nightmare coming true. It has definitely changed the way we move forward as well, and am curious to see how that all plays out in the near future. I wanted to let everyone in the club know, that as soon as we can get back to a somewhat normal reality once again, we will resume right where we left off, and try at least to have some sense of normalcy back in our lives haha. Of course, while practicing safe distancing.

    Amongst you all being safe and practing safe social distancing, I hope that you have had at least an opportunity to enjoy your mustang in some way shape or form. Even more so, I hope that you all are doing well. So with that, I bid you all well, and hope everyone the best.

    If you need to reach out for any reason, please feel free to email me at swampcitymustangclub@gmail.com 




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